For the best browser experience, we recommend using Chrome or version 11 of Internet Explorer. NOTE: Internet Explorer 8 and under are not compatible with this program and will cause the program not to work properly. Should you have an issue with this requirement, contact us and we will provide other suggestions.
Previous versions of this program are available only for the purpose of viewing reports for loans that had already been entered in the system. Please contact us if you are in need of reports created from previous versions (v1.3, v1.2 and v1.1g).

Before beginning, please have the following information available to complete the WaterfallCalc program:

  • General Loan Level Information:
    • Loan Number
    • FHA Case # / Insurer Identification #
    • Investor Account Number
  • Borrower Information (General & Financial):
    • Borrower Full Name(s)
    • Employment Status
    • Mailing and Property Address
    • Gross & Net Income
    • Net Cashflow
    • Borrower Contributions
  • Original Loan Information:
    • Original Principal Balance
    • Closing Date
    • Maturity Date
    • Interest Rate
    • Principal and Interest Payment
    • Taxes and Insurance (Escrow/Impound) Payment
    • Late Charge Amount
  • Default Information:
    • Unpaid Principal Balance
    • Escrow Balance
    • Last Paid Installment
    • Reason for Default
    • Previous Loan Modifications & Partial Claims (dates and claim amounts)
  • Escrow Analysis Information (only required if you are not using the integrated escrow analysis feature):
    • Escrow Analysis if the loan were to remain delinquent
    • Escrow Analysis if the loan were to be brought current through a partial claim
    • Escrow detail for all escrowed items – due dates, annual amounts, etc…,.
  • Once this information has been assembled, please click on the MEMBER LOGIN v3.0 button at the top of the page to enter the program.