At, we offer consulting and outsource services through our parent company, DLS Servicing Consultants, LLC.  DLS is a default resource provider specializing in sub-prime, high touch, FHA and Housing Finance Agency Loan Servicing.

Our unique and adaptable approach allows for expansion on demand to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. Our versatile workflow process allows for customizable programs designed specifically around your business.

Servicing Consulting:

Due Diligence, Surveillance and Quality Control Reviews – To insure legal and quality servicing of default loans, with a specific specialty for those loans in some form of loss mitigation, DLS offers in-depth knowledge of insurer, investor and government oversight entities such as the CFPB. Whether a one-time sample due-diligence review, a complete review of all loans in a loss mitigation status, or simply on-going surveillance of a portfolio, DLS Servicing Consultants has the expertise and technology to assure you are in compliance.

Audit Review and Rebuttal – DLS Servicing Consultants has assisted in the review and rebuttal of dozens of audits. Our expertise has saved its clients literally millions of dollars in penalties, fines and indemnifications. We simply know what to look for and how to respond in a most thorough manner, assuring maximum positive audit resolution.

FHA Servicing Training – DLS Servicing Consultants is capable of providing expert servicing staff and management training. This training can be provided on-site, or via a series of live webinars.

Outsource Services:

Loss Mitigation Underwriting – DLS Servicing Consultants performs loss mitigation underwriting services for clients that are customized based on client preference. We evaluate the borrower’s hardship eligibility, review all financial documentation to establish a verifiable budget and then perform the loss mitigation evaluation and calculation based on investor and insurer requirements.

Short Sale Negotiations and Quality Control – DLS Servicing Consultants manages the entire short sale monitoring and negotiation process for all conventional, rural housing and VA guaranteed loans from the point of financial analysis for inclusion in a short sale program, to final settlement or conversion to a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure. For FHA loans, DLS assists in the quality control of the process in compliance with FHA’s Pre-foreclosure Sale program at each stage of the process.

Foreclosure Claim Filing – DLS Servicing Consultants provides quality and timely foreclosure claims filing following all insurer guidelines to assist servicers and investors in recovering 100% of allowable funds.

First Legal Deadline Monitoring – DLS Servicing Consultants can monitor the FHA portfolio that is 60+ days delinquent each month to determine the first legal deadline date for each loan and advise the Client when an impending deadline is approaching. The goal to assist our Client in avoiding claim interest curtailments for missed first legal timelines and alert them to critical processing issues before they become costly errors.

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