Technology is known throughout the mortgage servicing industry for delivering quality software, rigorously tested in hundreds of scenarios to insure the highest level of accuracy in our industry, using our proprietary calculation algorithms. But, we’re also just as focused on providing the level of security required for your confidential data.

In order to accomplish this, we have teamed up with Microsoft to provide these security measures. All of the software programs and data are housed at Microsoft data warehouses, where other banking and government systems are also kept. The data is continually backed up on multiple servers and in multiple locations, giving you the peace of mind that our systems will continue to be available, even if there is a power outage or system failure.

To learn more about the Microsoft infrastructure and security in which we rely, please see the links below.

Download the whitepaper on Security, Privacy, and Compliance in Microsoft Azure

GLBA compliance:

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

Intrusion detection and prevention for Windows Azure:


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